Massive Blonde Natural Beard Trim

—Josh Lawson

Steve has come to GARC (Gentleman & Rogues CLub) for a beard trim and haircut today with Craig. We start out at the beard, because the haircut was pretty simple. For the beard, we're taking in the sides and making it nice and trimmed while also trimming up the bottom and stache. Since Steve has such a thick beard, all they really need to do to prepare it is brush it out and see how it wants to lay naturally. To highlight the haircut, beard trim, and face shape, Craig is gonna contour the beard.

They want to keep the natural look of the beard, so he follows the clippers down the shape of the beard to get rid of any flyaways. Then he uses them over a comb to taper the sideburns into the haircut. If it doesn't naturally taper, then it could look like you're wearing a fake beard. After tapering it, he shapes up the area around the ears and follows and back of the beard down.

Now that the sides are done, Craig goes in at the bottom. They don't want to take too much of the length off, but they do want to change it to a curved/rounded look. He doesn't want a runway look, but he does want it to be trimmed and natural looking. Craig shapes the underside by running the clippers through to get any stray hairs. For the stache, he takes a mini-clipper. A comb pulls it to either side, and the clippers are used to get the little hairs that fall through. Now he'll be able to eat and talk without those bits getting in his mouth and irritating him.

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