Master Barber Finally Gets His Beard Trim

—Josh Lawson

Mahesh is on the other side of the chair today. Dave, The Outcast Barber will be trimming his beard. He wants to keep growing his stache out, but his beard is getting a little wispy on the ends. He wants to keep the stache, and just get rid of the bits that stick out. The beard, he wants to bring up about an inch, or inch and a half, just to where it isn't as transparent.

He's got the black cape on, so Dave works on combing and blow drying his beard straight. He lifts up the stache to comb the beard down under it as well. He starts trimming at the bottom, so he knows where he needs to end up. Also it allows him to round the edges later. Any part that is transparent, he takes away with the clippers. Then he moves up toward the ear, and uses the detailers to clean up the line. After this, it can really start to take shape. Mahesh wants to keep the weight on the side there, but it spills back toward the ear, so by trimming right by the ear and making that line, it will prevent those spills and it will start to grow forward into the rest of the beard.

Mahesh only want to take the wisps off the sides, so Dave freehands his way around the sides of the beard to see what he can get. This also helps preserve the shape of the beard as well. Dave combs it back down again, then switches to scissors. He trims around the bottom to give him a rounded look. It also allows him to be more precise. For the stache, Dave uses his fingers to section off the stache and trims the ends off that were bothering Mahesh. He also uses the detailers to trim right above the stache too.

Dave brushed Mahesh's beard down again, and blow dried it on cool. They finish Old Money Utility Balm to his beard for some added moisture. Dave brushes the stache again and divides the stache, and Mahesh is good to go!

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