Master Barber Haircut and Beard Trim

—Wil Mouradian

Mahesh of Gentleman and Rogue's Club is here for Beardbrand again to give a pretty drastic haircut to one of his returning clients.

Huge Growth

The customer has let his hair grow out significantly - Mahesh is going to take a couple inches (down to a 0.5) on the back and sides, and cut the hair into a quiff hairstyle. He's been growing out his beard and trimming it on his own, so Mahesh is going to clean that up as well.

The Fade

Mahesh goes in with a 1.5 guard on the clippers, trimming his hair to an inch below the part at the recede line.

He trims the edge of this new guideline using a wide tooth comb and the clippers, keeping careful attention for an even hairline all around the crown. He's combed the long hair on top back away from the face, and in the general shape of the hairstyle they're aiming for.

Mahesh sharpens the back of the neck with unguarded clippers, then commences with trimming the ends of the hair with a comb and scissors.

The Haircut

Mahesh combs the hair from one recede line over the top of the scalp to the opposite side of the head. This allows him to measure and cut the hair symmetrically.

The client's crown has strong hair growth with a lot of volume, so Mahesh trims that only slightly to define the shape of the client's preferred hairstyle.

Mahesh trims the top of the haircut to an even length by dividing it into sections and using each previous section as a guide to cut by. Once he's completed that, he can then trim the crown of the haircut to perfection for the quiff.

He sprays and combs through some Tea Tree Sea Salt Spray to give the hair some body, hold, and volume while he blow drys it into the quiff.

The Beard

Once dry, Mahesh sharpens up the beard, free handing with his scissors. The client's cheeks are not as dense in beard growth as his jaw, so Mahesh is angling the cuts a bit to tighten the facial hair closer to the face.

While the beard is still damp, Mahesh applies some Temple Smoke Beard Oil and combs it through with his fingers.

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