Men’s Skincare Guide

—Urban Beardsman

Gentlemen, skin care should be simple. That’s why today we’ve got Team Beardbrand’s Carlos Costa explaining his daily (simple) skin care routine.

The first step is to look for products that contain natural ingredients, as they’re better for – and easier on – your skin. After giving your face a good wash in the morning, try leaving your skin a little damp when applying your moisturizer. In the video above, Carlos is using Magical Moringa moisturizer from Lush, and recommends a moisturizer that includes rosehip oil, as it penetrates deep into the skin and helps with collagen production.

And if your skin is a little drier than usual, you can break out the beard oil. You heard us right – beard oil goes beyond the beard. Beardbrand’s beard oil is formulated to not only keep your beard hydrated and soft, but it’s also a great skin moisturizer.

Carlos also recommends the occasional use of face masks to clean out pores and help with reducing blackheads and acne, and also encourages guys to use a good exfoliating scrub at least twice a week.

And don’t forget about the beard! Washing your beard with a good beard wash and beard softener two to three times a week is recommended to keep your beard clean, healthy, and looking its best.

Another key component in keeping your skin looking great and keeping it hydrated is drinking water and making sure your diet is in check. Watch Carlos’ video above for more info and tips on keeping your skin healthy and happy!