Styling a Messy Fringe With a Fade and Trimming a Coarse Beard

—Josh Lawson

Garett is in Gentleman & Rogues Club for a skin fade and beard trim. He doesn't really want a side part, instead, he just wants a messy fringe. Josh sections out the hair into a little horseshoe to get the top all in one area and the sides by themselves. Then he takes his clippers and creates a baseline. Right after that, he takes a 2 guard and takes the clippers over a comb to clear out a bunch of the weight. Josh switches to a 1 and worked his way around, moves to a 1.5 to flick at the line. The last part of the fade is to blend the last bit of the line with a 0.5 guard.

Now for the top and weight line. Josh uses scissors over a comb to blend in the fade with the top. Like most haircuts, the crown area keeps a lot of the weight instead of taking it high. It helps create a nice shape, and most times it's the part that stands up the most if you keep it short. As we move further toward the top, Josh re-sections it out. This time he creates a section down the middle, and a section on either side of that.

For the middle, he graduates the length from the crown upwards, that way the longest part is near the front. With cuts like this, squared edges rather than taking them in, cause you want them more at a point, Then he pointcuts throughout the top for some added texture. Thinning shears are used to take a bit more of the weight out. Also, with cuts like this, you want them nice and textured as well. Josh uses a comb and a straight razor to add even more texture, making sure he doesn't go too close to the root and accidentally take it all off.

With the beard, he combs it all out so all the knots are gone and it's free of any products he had in it. Then he freehands the shape around the sides and bottom. The heel of the detailer is used to line up the area right around the ear. To finish off the trim, Josh tapers the sideburns into the haircut instead of bringing them to a point.

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