Move To Different Cities

—Urban Beardsman

Moving sucks, there’s no way around it. Packing and hauling and unpacking and more hauling and all of it, it’s just not a fun time for anyone. However, the result of moving, of finding yourself somewhere new and exciting, that is definitely worth the hassle.

According the Urban Beardsman founder, and serial mover extraordinaire, Eric Bandholz, one of the great things in life isn’t just traveling and experiencing a new city for a week or a month at a time, but by actually setting up roots somewhere new, you’ll immerse yourself into the life of a new place. Of course, not every move is perfect and sometimes you find a city that you love and other times you find yourself between a rock and hard place, but the experience of moving and having that experience is always worth it, we promise.

Moving brings a lot of realities to the forefront. Sometimes it means leaving your friends, your family, or your job and it almost always includes leaving your comfort zone behind, but reaching out and finding a new place opens up your world to so many new things. We here at Urban Beardsman strongly believe in avoiding the concept of regret. We don’t want to sit back one day and shake our heads at having not gone somewhere or not met certain people or not seen certain things. Go do it and leave your excuses in storage before your next move.

For any other questions regarding moving or relocating to a new city, tweet us at @bandholz.

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