Mustache Wax Tutorial

—Urban Beardsman

A strong mustache is a serious style that shows you’re not to be trifled with. It can be a bit mysterious to the novice beardsman, but mustache wax is really the key to a bad-ass mustache. We’re taking care of both problems by offering Beardbrand Mustache Wax and giving you the know-how. (Also, check out the video tutorial below, for this lesson plus my ridiculous jokes).

First, grab a dab of wax by scraping with your thumbnail in the tin. Because it’s a hard wax, it needs to be warmed up a bit to be pliable enough to shape the hair. To do that, work it between your index fingers till it’s tacky and pliable.

Then, work the wax into your mustache, without too much shaping pressure. This application is for a natural look (handlebars are a whole ‘nother animal), but it is great for keeping the hair out of the way so you can eat and drink.

Once the wax is applied, give the mustache a bit of shape at your discretion. I tend to go with a few twists on the ends—not a ton, just for a bit of dimension—and push the hair away from my lips.

After that, grab yours or somebody else’s hair dryer (no judgment) and use the diffuser to give a light sprucing-up to your mustache. The hot air heats up the wax and makes it more manageable, so you can blow the air the way you want your mustache to hold. Then, use the “cool” function on low to lock the wax into place.

After that, you’re ready to go. Check out some of our other urban beardsman tutorials here.

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