Nail Your New Year’s Eve Look

—Urban Beardsman

The end of 2015 is upon us, and while it was a year where it seemed perfectly acceptable to don an ugly Christmas sweater for a holiday party, New Year’s Eve is an entirely different animal. As we close one year and get set to begin another, shouldn’t we look our best? Is that ratty old flannel really how you’re going to start the year off? If you said no, read on. If you said yes, well you do you, but read on anyway.

Whether you’re celebrating with family and friends at home or have decided to venture out and join the masses and truly ring in the new year in a big way, make sure you’re sending the right message. It’s the first outfit of the year so here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how to make sure you celebrate in style.


Dapperly Dressed

What’s more New Year’s than a velvet plaid blazer with contrasting silk lapels? Nothing. Now is the time to pull out all the stops. Go velvet. Go print. Go shiny. It might just be that I am old enough to remember the havoc that was Y2K and all the panic that came along with celebrating the minutes during the transition from 1999 to 2000 (which by the way was a complete letdown), but there is something about New Year’s Eve that’s always like a last hurrah. So I say go out with a bang! In this case make the jacket the star of the show. Layer a simple, yet well-fitting shirt underneath. Throw on a tie for a little bit of elegance; it is your last hurrah after all. I like the look of a nubby tweed pant to play off the supple smooth texture of the velvet, but you could just as easily go with a refined trouser in black. As the old saying goes, “The devil’s in the details,” so make sure you take your accessories into account. A festive sock that’s celebrating all on its own is the perfect addition, especially when you add it to the shiniest, most elegant pair of shoes you own. Finish by adding a nice watch, preferably a metallic to play up the shine. Sense the pattern? Now you and your dapper self can go out and welcome 2016 with a good old fashioned hug.


Classically Casual

If you’ve chosen a more casual venue in which to say goodbye to 2015, opt for a look that mimics your event but still takes the tone of the evening into account. Black is definitely the color of the evening. Black, besides being classic and foolproof, is always a great choice for evening because it instantly makes you look more pulled together. I say stick with one statement piece. The velvet jacket in all its glory fits the bill perfectly even in a more casual setting. Instead of emphasizing the jacket however, layer a darker shirt underneath to subdue the look a bit and dress it down. Retire your tie for the evening—it’s one thing to be overdressed in a casual setting, but it’s a whole different thing to look like you’re the only waiter hired at your aunt’s casual get together. Denim is a universal fabric so jeans are perfect for a casual night of whooping it up, but just make sure they’re a dark wash (always better to go dark for evening anyways). For footwear, since it’s a casual event, go with what’s comfortable. For me, it’s my favorite pair of boots. For you, it could be a nice pair of wingtips or even a clean pair of sneakers. Finish your look with a classy watch and a wallet that’s sure to hold up to a night of avid celebration.

No matter what your New Year’s Eve looks like, make sure you look ready for it. Remember that it’s one of the most celebrated nights of the year, so feel free to get creative and have some fun. The passing of 2015 isn’t so much a sad goodbye as a celebration of what’s to come. So cheers to you and yours, see you in 2016!

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