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How to Groom Neckbeards

Uh oh. Jack thinks he might be getting a neckbeard.

Jack's here again for his 7th yeard update, and to talk about neckbeards. Yes. Neckbeards.

What are neckbeards?

Neckbeards are what happens when your beard decides to migrate down your face and concentrate in the neck, below the chin area. Pictured - Jack, neckbearding for Beardbrand.


They may seem like a weird thing, but they're not uncommon! We're going to cover a couple ways to deal with them when they come in.

To be clear - we are not talking about the "person" that some may call "A Neckbeard". That's a totally different thing (and kind of a negative one at that), so don't expect any commentary on personality types or lifestyles - this is about embracing your personal style.

First things first - don't shave it off!

Removing it completely will change the quintessential beardness of your beard. Beards can be a bit more awkward to grow in the beginning, and trust us when we say it never goes quite as expected. Beards can be kind of mysterious sometimes.

Necktie Neckbeard

Blend it into your beard.

Yes - blending it into your existing beard is going to give the best look when you're working on what works best for you. Unless you've done this successfully before with tools and styling balm, we recommend heading over to your favorite barber and consulting with them before cutting.


Part of the whole challenge of growing a beard is accepting what you have and dealing with your problem areas. Jack admits to a couple problem areas of his own, such as his mustache and upper cheeks (and I have a small bald patch under my chin).

Keep in mind - the neck portion of the beard is actually what gives your beard volume. As the hair grows out, it'll start weighing itself down and give your beard body and length to sculpt with. Trimming off your neckbeard may look good in the beginning, but over time you'll develop "Facebeard" (mops of beard hanging from your cheeks and chin).

You may not even have a neckbeard if you're dreading it coming in. Be patient, and don't hesitate to reach out to us at with questions.







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