New Creative Way to Match Your Haircut and Your Beard in an Awesome Way

—Josh Lawson

Ollie wants to get a 1 on the sides with a scissor cut on top, then blend the edges while also reshaping his beard and making it look fresh. He had a little product in his hair, so Mahesh used his soapy water to get rid of it all. He goes in with a 2 just to clear out a bulk of the cut, and so he can see what he's doing later. He fans out near Ollie's crown so they start a bit of the fade already. As he fans out, he blends it slightly as well. Mahesh also goes a tiny bit into the beard as he worked down, so they blend it with the side of the hair cut.

Then, he switches to a 1 guard and uses the heel to go around the ear. He also fans out near the top of the sides (near where he stopped earlier) and softening up the blend. It's not all about hard line, it's about a nice transition in the haircut. Clipper over comb is used next, while also leaving some of the weight so the cut will have some shape to it as well. This also takes off some of the tips and get a little weight out of there while still maintaining the shape he gave it earlier.

At the crown, Mahesh does a bit of point cutting to give it a ton of texture and take some weight out. Ollie wants to keep much of the length on top, so they move it all toward the front and uses the weight line as a guide. After cutting one way, he moves it to the other side to double check it and find any slight differences. Then it all sits back much better than when he came in. A little bit of thinning shears over a comb all around the head is the final touches with the haircut.

For the beard, Mahesh goes in with some detailers all around. He gets the cheek lines, neckline, and near the ear. Because of the haircut, the beard looks too round and makes Ollie look like a bear. So he uses the heel and follows the line of the beard and make the beard look square on the profile. With the mustache, he cuts it right at the lip as to maintain its density and shape. Under the neck, he cleans up the line and makes it neat. Mahesh finishes by giving him some Old Money.

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