New Editor of Urban Beardsman

—Urban Beardsman

Dear Urban Beardsman,

My name is Currie Corbin. I appreciate fine craftsmanship and am obsessed with companies that are focused on quality.  I spend my weekends thrift shopping, which justifies my occasional luxury splurge.  I like an open calendar so I can take off for a road trip on a moment’s notice. I rarely frequent the same restaurant, always searching for a hidden gem away from the masses. I’m a husband, dad, artist, musician, writer, entrepreneur, collector, and I’m awesome.  And so are you because you’re here.

A little more than a year ago, my morning routine included waking up, showering, and shaving. Working as a public relations consultant, I was an appearance chameleon. I would style my look according to the client I was meeting. If it was a golf resort, I’d put on a polo and khakis. If it was a bank, I’d wear a suit. Then I was asked to meet with Eric Bandholz, the owner of Beardbrand and founder of Urban Beardsman Magazine. I had heard of the company, but jumped on the computer to plan my look for the meeting.  After a few clicks, I realized that I didn’t have to change a thing. The company image that he had created was who I was, and who I aspired to be. The only thing I was missing? A beard.

Not only did I grow a beard, but the beard grew me.

As a freshly bearded guy, I was blown away by the instant camaraderie that ensued. Whereas I’d normally wait quietly to pick up my kids from school, I was now connected with other bearded fathers. Great conversations in restaurants, grocery stores, or just in passing ignited with other bearded guys. I hadn’t felt this much camaraderie since the connection I’d make with other left-handed people (which was never that exciting, unless we talked about scissors). Growing a beard showed others that I was not afraid to go against the norm, giving me a stronger sense of confidence, power, and wisdom. This doesn’t come from age and experience as I originally thought—it comes from lush facial hair.

Urban Beardsmen are diverse. We are athletes, businessmen, gamers, artists, philanthropists, personalities, and developers (among others).  We have a lot to learn from each other. Urban Beardsman Magazine is a way to link us together. To share what inspires us, and to determine ways we can inspire each other. To discover what makes us happy, and what doesn’t.  Most importantly, to challenge and further the way we think, act, and look.

That’s what you can expect to find in each issue.  We will be profiling guys that are accomplishing great things. We will post reviews of items you need, and products you don’t. We will feature style and grooming tips to keep you looking awesome. And we will give you outdoor and travel write-ups to inspire us all to get out there and see the world. Our goal is to celebrate everything amazing in the bearded community.

We all have a story and I’d love to hear yours here at Beard Brand. An Urban Beardsman proudly represents the bearded lifestyle. The common thread uniting us is awesome facial hair, the drive for independence, and the mark we make on the world. Being an Urban Beardsman is a way of life. I’m seeking to foster, promote, share, and grow our community. You’ve grown your beard, now let’s grow into a kick-ass community of bearded awesomeness.

This is my job, passion, and promise to you.




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