Our Global Community

—Wil Mouradian

Mahesh is here for Beardbrand again - and today he wants to discuss our global community.

Mahesh is a columnist when he's not at Gentleman and Rogue's Club, so he has a lot of things to say about the wellness and grooming industry, and about life in general. He notes that Beardbrand is not just about the beard, but about improving ourselves as human beings.

What Does it Mean?

Community. What does it mean? How do we see ourselves in our community? How should we use this word?

What does this word mean? Is it another word for "tribe"? Do we use the word to grow and expand our connections to others? Or, are we using this term to segregate ourselves from people that aren't like us?

The use of this word can generate a lot of questions about race, religion, and the things that unite us and the things that divide us.

Community as We Know It

Mahesh grew up in a very white, English speaking community. As he's expanded his view of life and traveled the world, he's noticed that community is often a phrase used to segregate groups of people, such as The Christian Community or The Muslim Community or the Immigrant Community.

With the way the world is now (how small the world has become), Mahesh posits that we should look at our community as something other than our immediate geographic area. Perhaps we should start thinking about community on a global scale, rather than the street we live on or the day that we reserve for prayer.


We all have common goals of finding love, peace, safety, and security. Is there a community that isn't aiming to achieve those very things?

Mahesh's research over time has found that other religions, cultures, and arts has shown him that he can love various aspects of other communities and adopt them for himself - but if we're all searching for the same things - like peace, love, and safety - aren't we all part of the same community?

Why make geography a boundary to building a global community? Why should superficial appearance be a barrier to community - tattoos, skin color, beards - when everyone can benefit from thinking globally?

These are things to think about when you look at the bigger picture, and wonder about your place in the world and how you fit. Be good to one another, and keep on growing. 


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