Our Top Bearded Stories of 2015

2015 was a huge year for beards. Urban Beardsman Magazine was there to let you know about the good, bad, bad-ass, and even dumb-ass stories regarding all things bearded. As our readership numbers continue to grow (we hit well over ONE MILLION readers this year!), it proves that we aren’t even close to hitting “peak beard” as many other media stories have mentioned this year. The beard is the strongest it has ever been, and 2016 will undoubtedly be another solid year for beardsmen.

Here’s a recap of our top 10 most read stories of 2015:


10.5 Things You Learn the First Year with a Beard

Not only have each of us experienced these five things, but we needed to also read about them.

9. Better With Age

Put that Just For Men down! Some things really do get better with age, and your facial hair is one of them.

8. Growing a Beard as a Teenager

Patience is a virtue, but some future little beardsmen hit the internet to find out if they can speed up mother nature.

7. 5 Real Reasons Guys Grow Beards

As if we need a reason to look awesome. But just in case, here are five reasons that readers got a kick out of.

6. When Will the Beard Trend End?

The greatest threat to beards isn’t changing fashion trends, it’s the beardsman himself.

5. Six Beard Products You’ve Never Heard Of

Readers dug our picks of beard products you might need, but did anyone go for the antique mustache curlers?

4. Beards Have Poop in Them

Seriously, I wish we could just flush this story down the shitter and move on.

3. How to Straighten Your Beard

99% of beards are curly, but that just doesn’t seem to stop guys from searching the internet in hopes to straighten that face mane.

2. Five Haircuts and How They Complement Your Beard

If there is one thing I’ve learned as editor, it’s that beardsmen love the hair on their heads almost as much as the hair on their faces.

1. It’s Time to Shave

You grow a beard for yourself, and no one else. If that’s not the case, please shave it off.

There you have it, our top read stories of 2015. Gentlemen, thanks for another great year. I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings us.

Beard on!
Currie Corbin


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