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How to Get the Perfect Textured Pompadour and Style it Too

Today we have Chris at the Gentlemen & Rogues Club getting his haircut by Charlie. They are going to be doing a 1.5 skin fade and a light 0 around the edges to make it a bit neater, with a pompadour on top. Charlie wants to take a straight razor to the beard and clean up the growth line. But, before he can do that, he starts the fade and creates a line up to the temple, then flips the clippers over and creates a faint line around the head, dipping down to go around the occipital bone (where the brain stem meets the spine). It's only a faint line, so it doesn't need to be perfectly straight. Now he goes back and follows up that line, cleaning it up as he goes. It'll be a skin fade, but he is only gonna use a 0 on the edges.

Next, Charlie swaps over to his one guard, and flips it open, thus becoming a 1.5. He goes in on the line and flicks at it, which makes the hairs a little bit longer than the other line he just finished making. Now back to the .5 guard, he closes it slightly, and flicks at the same line he first created, giving the area the faded look that Chris was going for. Now he takes his comb and takes the clippers to trim the edges and allows Charlie to blend out that 1.5 area.

The technique he's using right now he picked up in Rotterdam at another barbershop. They don't use guards, but instead only use clippers and combs. He goes back with his .5 guard and rubs at any lines or blemishes that he sees. The longest part of the fade is the only thing left, the weight line. Charlie goes in with scissors and the fine side of a comb to trim and fade those hairs. After that is all done, there is still a weight line that he left so he can make blend the top with it well.

Charlie separates the top into sections that will make it easier to trim. He starts with the crown and makes each area even with itself and match. Once this is done, each section will fall on the weight line he left, and blend well together. He ends by combing it back and styling it into the pomp Chris asked, point cutting as he needs to, and blow drying it. Lastly, he goes back to the weight line with shearing scissors and takes the weight out of that area where his hair meets that line.

On to the beard. Charlie starts with detail trimmers and takes the hairline back only slightly, so it'll look a bit more full. He gets rid of the small little neck hairs and the ones around the back of the ear, then flicks over where he used the trimmers so it can fade into the skin. Then ends it all off by using a straight edge razor to trim the growth line while using his hand as a soft guard.





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