Personal Q&A with Eric and Carlos

—Urban Beardsman

Yesterday they answered your Twitter questions about beards, style, and the future of Beardbrand. Today things get personal. Eric and Carlos are sitting down to talk passions, favorite YouTubers, and family life.


Eric thrives on creativity and building his business – when he’s using his creative brain, he is at his happiest. Carlos is a travel junkie and embraces his wanderlust. He enjoys seeing new cultures and people-watching around the world.

Hate it

Carlos hates when someone can’t admit to being wrong, but cites that it most likely stems from the fact that he used to be that type of person himself. He’s since seen the error of his ways and worked on rectifying it. Eric can’t stand politics. Want to get under his skin? Bring up government, politicians, the presidential elections, and the like. Stay on his good side and avoid the topic!

Favorite YouTubers

Eric enjoys creative channels from David Thrope to Casey Neistat, and Carlos tends to agree with Eric’s picks.

Family life

Eric has been married for 10 years, and is a father to a little girl, as well as to the family dog. Carlos has an 11 year-old daughter, and is engaged to be married.

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