Piri Piri Olive Oil

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Jose Gourmet’s Piri Piri Olive Oil has bottled up some of the magic of Portugal, and brought it straight to your door.

“I grew up in Portugal and olive oil is big in my culture, so I’m crazy for olive oil,” says collection curator Carlos Costa.

Derived from a high-quality extra virgin olive oil and infused with chili pepper, this olive oil manages to create one of the most popular Mediterranean cuisine seasonings around. The chili pepper is mixed with the oil in dehydrated solid pieces, giving it a strong and distinct flavor which is characterized as intensely and persistently spicy. This has led Piri Piri to be a much sought after ingredient to enrich dishes with a lively and exciting taste. The chili peppers’ capsaicin component stimulates digestion and improves circulation, and is particularly rich in Vitamin C.


"The taste is like extra virgin olive oil, it has a really strong flavor, and I love spicy stuff which is why I picked this particular olive oil,” says Costa.

Jose Gourmet is determined to show the world that foods and cooking products from Portugal can stand up to the best from Italy, Spain, and France. They seek to  inspire new ways of cultural, social, economic and food enrichment. They practice fair trade, and even produce their olive oils from some of the oldest trees in the country. Bottom line; when you buy this stuff, you’re getting some of the finest quality product with a deep, rich history behind it.

Toss in some Piri Piri to season your legumes, grilled vegetables, pasta, grilled meats, fish soups and even pizza – any way you choose to use it, you get a little taste of Portugal with every bite.

To get your Jose Gourmet Piri Piri olive oil, and to see more from Carlos, visit the store now!

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