Getting a Pompadour Haircut with a Skin Fade Into Patchy Beard

—Eric Bandholz

We’ve got Jason Ecks working with a regular client, Ed, to give him a pompadour clean up and then to tidy up the beard. The client is looking to grow the top a little bit, so Jason is keeping the fade at a longer length towards the top of the head. He starts off with a #1.75 guard.

From there, Jason will begin setting the fade line above the ears with a #0 guard. After setting that line, he’ll follow up with the detailers clippers. From a technique perspective he’s using a flicking technique rather than a shaving technique with the detailer.  The next step is use the foil razor and clean up the skin fade section. You can avoid creating a line if you use more of a circular motion instead of a classical up and down motion.

Jason will go back to his clippers and start without the guard and adjusting the settings as he goes up with the fade. It’s important to work with the client’s hair type and how the hairs are growing in. So this means adjusting your techniques of how you use the clippers as you fade the hair.

Once the lower fade has been established, Jason pulls out the scissors to blend in the hair to the top. After that he uses blending shears to refine that blend.

Ed has a patchy beard on the cheeks and has learned to just embrace those patches. When Jason moves to the beard, he avoids pulling the cheek hair too far to the ears when trimming. This will help maintain a little bit of thickness and cover for his thinner cheeks.  

The beard trim is kept to a more maintenance trim than going for a different look. He’s keeping a sharp line for the beard and doing small trims to the mustache. After the shape has been set, he follows up with some detail work with a straight razor to set clean lines. 

The final piece is to use some Temple Smoke Utility Balm to add a bit of moisture to his beard and his head.

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