Pompadour with High Skin Fade & a Beard Trim at the Barbershop

Today we have Carlos Costa coming into Cut & Grind for a skin fade to bring up his hairline as much as possible while also trying to grow out the top of his head, as well as a slight beard trim with Jason. Carlos wants to lengthen the top a little more but still wants to have it high and slightly spiky. He explains to Jason how his hair grows and how it creates a cowlick in the middle, then folds in on itself. The top can be different lengths. They decide to keep the length up front and trim more of the top so the cowlick goes away. The beard is a little tired, so they only need to take scissors to it and trim it slightly to bring it new life.

Jason starts with trimmers and starts to give Carlos the skin fade he asked for while he explains the old friends he hung out with recently. They joked about the past and went to a local bar that his friend worked at, but his friends wanted to go clubbing instead. Jason continues to work on the fade, creates a fade line, and goes above it to create a better fade plus a slight foil underneath it. He ensures Carlos that if doesn't like it, then they can just get rid of it. They both reminisce about how Carlos has been coming to Cut & Grind for ages, and Jason has been his barber the entire time.

Now they start the process of fading upward to the hair line. He is slowly fading the line up using a 2.5 and an open guard. He comments on how Carlos' hair is harder to cut because how of thick it is, the road patterns, and scars around his head. He also has a few platinum hairs that he likes to highlight himself, so it can be a bit difficult sometimes. Jason then moves on to a 1 with an open guard to continue the fade. Now on the foil razor the finish off the top of the fade. Lastly, he cleans up the line along the back of Carlos' head using the back of trimmers.

Jason takes a comb and some scissors to trim the top off a small amount, bring the sides in, gives Carlos more of a pomp using a brush and a hair dryer. Almost forgot about the back of the hairline, but he trimmed it a bit before moving on to the beard.

He asked Carlos what he did last night as he cleans up his sideburns leading into his beard. He jokingly responds sleeping before Jason grabs a pair of scissors to trim his beard slightly. Then he uses a razor to trim his neck hairs. Next, comes the straight razor, which he uses to clean up the checks, sides, and back of his neck before finishing it all off with styling balm.

As always, it's so much easier to watch the video than to read me describe it to you. It's only six and half minutes, so just go watch it.





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