Products to Take When Traveling | Yeard Week 5

Jack Milocco is back on the other side of the camera to give an update on his beard. It's week 5 (out of 52) and he's in South Florida for his vacation. That made him think, what are the essential things he needs to bring with him, and you need to bring with you when you're growing your beard. He's got three things to tell you about, so let's jump right into discussing the essential grooming products you need when traveling.

#1: Comb

The first thing that's important to remember is a comb. You don't have to bring a huge one, but it helps that the wide teeth are on one side for your beard and narrow teeth on the other end for your mustache. For can also use it to comb your hair if you'd like. It's great to have, and the pocket comb even makes traveling a whole lot easier.

#2: Beard Oil

Another great tool to take with you is Beard Oil. You're gonna hear it a million times, but it is honestly the key to a healthy beard. To put it in your beard, just unscrew the top, tip it at about 30-45 degrees, and tap the bottom with your finger to get the amount you want. Then you want to rub it together in your hands to warm it up, and massage it into your beard. It's totally fine to get it on your skin, and even recommended since it is a moisturizer. Right out of the shower is the perfect time to apply it, since your pores are the most open and more likely to absorb the Beard Oil. This also helps get rid of the coarse wiry feeling.

#3: Utility Balm

This last product isn't even specifically for beards. Utility Balm is great for your skin, hair, and beard. Jack likes to use it on his hands since they get dry pretty quickly. It works the same as Beard Oil but feels more like a lotions.

Those were Jack's tips for taking care of your beard on the go. Do you have any, let us know!




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