Q&A with Eric Bandholz

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Q&A with Eric Bandholz

Here’s the second part of my interview with Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz. Stay tuned for his dish about his favorite bearding products and the self-empowerment of growing your first beard. For part one, click here.

AQ: What is the Beardbrand product that you use the most?

EB: I’ve got my large Kent comb with me at all times. I do enjoy combing my beard. And then every day I use some beard oil: Spiced Citrus is my favorite scent, so I use that one a lot.

AQ: And what Beardbrand product is a good place to start for a new beard-wearer?

EB: I would say, start out with the beard oil: it’s going to give you the most noticeable change in your new beard. A lot of people, not everyone but a lot of people, will run into dry skin and beard flakes, and they complain about it being itchy, so the beard oil will really soften up everything and make your beard feel that much nicer. And it’s not hard work to get it going.

AQ: Yeah, that makes me think, in some of your videos the tutorials you do seem like they take some real skills.

EB: Yeah, like doing the hair takes some practice — I’m still trying to get good at using mustache wax. But with beard oil, you just put a dime size, or quarter size, amount in your hand, lather it up, rub it into your skin and your beard, and let it go.

AQ: Where do you see the world of beards in ten years? Do you think it’s a trend that will continue to rise, or will it fall?

EB: So I think there’s some people out there who are growing their beards because it’s trendy, and then there’s some people growing out their beards because they’ve always wanted to, and they finally have the right to do it. And then I think there’s people who want to grow their beards out, but don’t feel like they can do it.

You always have people who will go in and out with the trends, but you have the people who consider themselves ‘bearded’, and they’ll stay steady, or they’ll even increase over time.

AQ: Is it acceptable to have long hair and a long beard?

EB: You know what I think? Only you know what is right for your style. As long as you’re cognizant of what you’re going for, you can pull off the long hair and the beard. I know of this model and commercial actor who has both, and he’ll wear his hair in a bun, which is really stylish.

AQ: great. That’s it for my questions, so let’s switch over to Facebook queries… How do you tame wild or maverick beard hairs without waxing the hell out of them?

EB: You know, a lot of my advice comes down to, like, accepting how things are. Your beard does these weird things, and you’re gonna get these weird hairs that grow out—but it’s just like styling your head hair. It can’t always be perfect. It comes down to just letting it be what it is.

When my beard was growing, I got this weird flip in it that just looked really weird about two months into it. And a lot of times the solution to that is: when in doubt, grow it out.

For more with Eric, check out Beardbrand’s Youtube Channel. You should also check out my interview with our featured urban beardsman and badass chef, Timmy Malloy.


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