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Quick Easy Men's Hairstyle

What's going on, Internet? Eric is here to show us how to get his awesome hairstyle.

Start off with a shower and a towel dry, apply your Rogaine if you have it, then get ready to style with some strong hold styling wax.

The Wax

Use a bit of the styling wax, warm it in your hands, then quickly apply it through your hair to style it in the direction needed. Use your palms and fists regularly to style sections of hair at a time, and don't forget to apply the product to *all* parts of your hair - not just the top of it.

The Dryer

This finish gives a glossier look for shinier hair. If you're looking for a matte, more natural look, apply heat through the hair using your fingers and a blow dryer. Start out with a medium or warm heat, style into the desired shape, and then switch your dryer to the cold setting to lock it into place.

This is a pretty easy look to lock down if you're on the go.

The Cut

Eric has his hair cut in a specific way to direct the hairstyle off to one side (his signature look). His barber accomplishes this using thinning shears - special scissors used to texturize haircuts and give them more dimension.

Check out our Barbershop Series on our Youtube Channel to take a look at how cuts like this are accomplished, and to check out other looks.






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