RIP Jack's Eyebrow - Weekly Update

Jack’s back for the 20th update of growing out his yeard, and this time we’re in for a special treat! We flew Mahesh, Greg, and Carlos into Austin for our annual party this week (which was a damn good time), so Jack finally had the opportunity to get a professional beard trim and clean-up from the master barber himself.

As we’ve discussed, growing a yeard involves some extra maintenance and trimming it from time to time- not just letting it go untamed. Mahesh didn’t trim any major length, but he cleaned up the shape and the fly-aways to get Jack photo-ready for the event. In order to maintain the integrity of Jack’s massive growth, Mahesh took a meticulous approach to a scissor and comb trim, one tiny section at a time.

Also… we made history. Just skip ahead to 12:30. You’ll thank us when you do.



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Slicked Back Skin Fade with Daniel


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