Sharp Beard Trim Before a Wedding

—Josh Lawson

Today we have Serge, who's been coming to Cut & Grind since January, had Davide as his regular barber for the past 3 months, and now needs a trim for his wedding tomorrow. He comments that he's excited to get married, is a little hungover, but still wanted to trim up his beard before his big day tomorrow. Davide then confirms that he's following Serge's plan of shortening his beard slightly, shaping it, and cleaning up the overall look of his hair.

Davide starts by working on cleaning and blending the sideburns, commenting how he doesn't want to make any mistakes for Serge's big day tomorrow. He moves on to the cheekbones and cleans up the growth line before moving on the neck. As Serge mentioned, he didn't want to mess too much with the neck, so Davide cleans up the hairline of on his neck and removes the fly aways up to his chin.

After slightly shaping Serge's beard by taking a trimmer near all the edges of his beard, Davide moves on to focus on the mustache. He clears the stray hairs that were drifting too far in front of his mouth and promotes the hair to grow outward rather than down. He goes back over the beard to make sure the shape is perfect and ready for Serge's wedding tomorrow.

He finishes off by adding Old Money Beard Oil to Serge's beard to moisturize it and keep it healthy, slowly working all of it through with is fingers to make sure it's consistent throughout his beard. Then we leave you with a before and after comparison of Serge's trim. He certainly look dapper for his wedding tomorrow.

As always, it's easier to watch Davide work instead of reading how he did it, so check out the video.

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