Sea Salt Spray, a headquarters favorite.

—Emily Wylie
Sea Salt Spray, a headquarters favorite.

When the Blank Slate Sea Salt Spray landed at Beardbrand's headquarters it became an overnight team favorite. Men and women alike crowded the samples box grabbing one for themselves and one for their significant other, knowing the amazing styling capabilities that this wondrous, yet simple product possessed were far too awesome to share. Now, we are even more obsessed because it just came out in all three of the Silver Line fragrances. 

Beardbrand Team Reviews

"As a guy with fine oily hair, the sea salt spray really works. It helps keep my hair it’s natural matte look and allows me to add a day between washing. It’s the perfect product for natural, flowing textured hair." - Eric Bandholz
"I have fine hair, but there's a lot of it. When I want to do a style with a little more height or volume, I spray the Sea Salt Spray generously at the roots and immediately run my fingers through and scrunch it, using my fingers to add some separation. It immediately looks more full and a little messy which is the look I'm most comfortable with. If I'm making a messy braid I also use the spray on the length of the hair so it's got a little more grab power to cling to other strands and look fuller. I have better results using Sea Salt Spray than Dry Shampoo to get an extra day out of a style. I think the clay in the Beardbrand formula absorbs some of the excess oil and brings a little more life to it. Now that it comes in Spiced Citrus fragrance, I get a great long-lasting scent, too." - Lindsey Reinders
"The sea salt spray & utility balms are my personal favorites, of course, because you don't have to use a beard to get the most out of them! The sea salt spray gives a little volume boost to my super fine hair without gumming it up. Most other brands of sea salt spray's I've tried would leave a slightly sticky feeling to my hair even if I didn't use very much, whereas ours just adding the slight grit texture that i've come to love. I use it after I've showered while my hair is slightly damp (about 20 min of air drying before hand) and on my day old hair to re-energize, it just gets a better lift/feel if I add another layer on from the day before! I love the simple ingredient list that does the trick.” - Jenny Durre
"I think it has a nice effect that lasts even into the next day. It also brings out the different tones in my curls without having to add a luster." - Tre Carden
"I like to use it as a base to give my hair extra volume for my pompadour than applying styling balm for hold, as a guy with thick and lots of hair works perfectly. I also use it on its own for a more natural textured, messy look and the bonus of that is that there's no product residue on my hair." - Carlos Costa
"I've been waiting for this! Finally a beach hair in a bottle with the beardbrand scent and quality! As a Cape Codder, I love all beach style and beardbrand nails it. The spray top from beardbrand is my favorite dispenser I've ever used!” - Jeffrey Buoncristiano

What's in Sea Salt Spray?

Sea salt is loaded with essential trace minerals that contain therapeutic properties and provide natural healing. These include sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide, chloride, iron, copper and zinc. The effects of well sourced sea salt harvested in a way to help retain it’s natural state include skin rejuvenation and helping to keep skin and hair moisturized and revitalized. The magnesium is anti-inflammatory which can promote an atmosphere for healthy hair growth. This combination of powerful ingredients also detoxifies and cleans out pores while improving blood flow for even more support to the hair follicle for healthy growth. 

While the sea salt provides a host of benefits for the health of the skin and hair, offers some excess oil absorption and provides some of the grit, it can be drying to some types of hair and skin. To balance that we included aloe vera extract to prevent dandruff, replenish moisture and protect against sun damage with Vitamin C and E and beta carotene. 

The real source of grit and hold is from the kaolinite clay. It is known for being the most mild of the cosmetic clays and absorbs natural oils more gently than other clays. Along with the oil this clay soaks up, this white clay also sucks out of your pores old styling product, dirt, pollution, dead skin cells and pollution. Pure kaolinite clay is so versatile and beneficial that it can actually be used as a natural hair shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and face wash.

Our Sea Salt Texture Spray was months in research and development as we scoured the market for all the products that we wanted to combine into just one product that truly did it all. Most of the other salt sprays we tried either smelled too perfumey or actually made our hair greasy. The goal for our version was to simply bottle the beach. We planned to use well sourced and all natural ingredients that are actually good for your hair and scalp (like the real thing amiright?). We wanted to organically extend wear between shampoos by absorbing excess oils without drying hair an scalp out and create texture, grit and volume that only a day bouncing from sea to sand can offer. In my humble opinion, we nailed it. 

That Spray

This is called a trigger sprayer and it takes all those kick ass ingredients and sends out a wide cast of mist that will not “wet” your hair, but act more like the real moisture in the beach air caused by crashing waves. You can practically hear it, can't you?

We’ve covered our salt spray before so for more tips on styling from Eric and Carlos, be sure to check out these awesome blogs and videos. 

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