Shaping Your Beard Like a Pro

—Josh Lawson

We've got another newcomer on the channel again today! Welcome Luis Ribeiro to give you a few tips on how to style your beard like a pro! He took a shower, combed his hair, and got dressed. Now he's ready to style his beard! It's still a little bit damp. He pat it dry-ish with a towel but left some moisture still in it. The first thing he does now is add a salt spray, or something to texturize it to help it style when he's blow drying. You want to use a generous amount, so you can really shape it while it dries.

He stands in front of the mirror he coats his beard in the spray, being careful not to get a huge amount in his mouth. Once you're happy with the amount you have, just massage it through your beard so they're all coated. Shape it into the general shape you want, so you can see how it will sit naturally. The roller brush will help quiff the beard under the chin and into the neck. First, he usually shapes the beard with the hair dryer, then uses the roller to help quiff it.

When you're happy with how you shaped the beard, you can try to comb the rest of the beard under the chin. Sweep the sides toward the middle and get it all toward that bulk. Then, when you apply any other products you can shape it differently. After it is dry and shaped, you can use a beard balm. Personally, Luis likes it better than an oil because it offers a small amount of hold and gives your beard a little bit of shine. When applying any sort of product, always remember less is more. You can always add some, but it's really hard to get it out of your beard. If you want to reign it in after that, you can use a comb to style the top layer and make it look sharp.

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