Shaping Your Beard Without Having to Lose Any Length

Nicholas has graciously come into Gentleman & Rogues Club to see Darren and get his beard done. For his trim today, it's all about reshaping it. Nick wants to blend the length on the sides with the full mass of his goatee since they look a little separate. They're gonna line it up and straighten it up, take some off the mustache, and balance out the fullness of the front with the softness of the sides.

Normally with a beard trim Darren stands head on and pulls out the beard with his comb. This allows him to see where all the stray hairs are. He's gonna go in with scissors instead of clippers today because Nick wants to keep as much length as possible and all Darren is doing is blending the sides with the front. There's no point in taking weight out of the sides if they want it to match the front. Darren uses the line of the beard to cut at an angle and sharpen up the edges. It's all about know where you can sacrifice some length. Sometimes short beards look sharper and thicker than longer ones.

You can see straight away that the line really helps blend the length of the two sections and sharpens up the entire look of it. Darren pulls out the beard a bit with his fingers just to see how it sits. It naturally has a dip, so he cuts around the dip and the difference in weight in Nick's beard so that it looks even when it's done. On to the mustache. He combs away from the top of the lip to either side, cuts the section underneath that grows over his lip, and repeats the process to get all the little hairs. He didn't want to go too high and get rid of its thickness.

Darren rubs on some clear shave gel. He does this so he can see what he's doing, and foam drys out the skin. Darren takes a straight razor to Nick's cheek line and cleans it up. Then they go up underneath to clean up that area. A fun tip to remember when trimming your beard with a straight razor, always go with the grain. He uses this tool on Nick's neck to really trim up the neckline. For the final touch, they put talcum powder on the neck to reduce irritation, add some beard oil and send him on his way.




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