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Short Pompadour with a High Fade Tutorial from a Real Barber

Today Eric and Carlos went to the Barbershop so Eric can get a trim. He wants to get something similar to Carlos, but with his own twist. He's been growing his hair out for a bit and wants to take off about half of the hair on his head, and fade up the hair on the sides with a 1. Basically, he wants an upward sweep. He'll have to style his own hair though, cause apparently, this barber doesn't use a blow dryer.

He starts by combing through the hair to make sure it is clear of any imperfections, then begins to trim the hair along the neck and sides. The barber uses a Power Line clipper, but they don't use guards. Instead, they use detachable clippers. This helps give a cleaner cut than guards. He's gonna take out the weight line with a 2, and use a 1 to get the area underneath it to fade up into it. Then smoothes out the transition.

After that he gets the hairs near the temples and around the ears to get a clean finish to the hair. Then moves on to the neck to get rid of any baby hairs that may have survived. He takes care of the weight line by going over it with scissors and a comb. This removes some of the weight and feathers the hair a bit. He starts to take out the length on top by taking some hair with his fingers and connecting the shortest points with each other, making sure the longest parts are near the fringe of the hair. He then squares off the line on the sides to give the cut a nice look as well.

Eric's hair naturally falls one way, so instead of going with the center cut he wanted there is a bit of a natural part in this new style. To finish up the entire cut, he get a little shaving cream and sharpens his straight razor to really get a clean look around the ears and the back of the neck.





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