Side Part with Natural Skin Fade and a Beard Trim

—Emily Wylie

Say hi to Kevin, a student in London who is at Cut and Grind today for a hair and beard trim. Kevin's hair is the longest it's even been and he likes the length but wants to get more definition in the style. His idea is to grow the sides out to match the length on the top. 

Haircut Style: Side part with a soft edge. 

Since he's kind of digging the length they are just going to take the ends off and clean up the crown area by taking some weight out and squaring it up. 

For the sides, the sizes on the clippers will start at a 3.5 into a 3 into a 1.5 into a zero to create more of a contrast between the hair and the beard. Make sure each size blade is completely blended before moving on to the other. He uses a comb to pull up the hair behind the ear to trim it in the same natural taper. 

This cut has a low and natural taper on the ear and some weight removed from the crown so the hair lays more smooth. Again he uses a comb to pull up the top layer of hair and chops straight into it in to soften the way the hair lays. This is how you take the weight out from thick or course hair. 

The line at the back of the neck has a little curve to give the sides more strength. Again with an open 1.5 guard to create the fade on the back. Up to a 2.5. When this client was in last they would do the back with a 1.5 but then he would have lost all of the length on the top. In order to achieve the more natural fade he angles the clippers outward. The line at the bottom of the neck is slightly curved to give more strength to the sides. 

The Beard: 

Start with a 2 on the sideburns and then create the line around the ear. Just a tidy on the cheeks and tight on the jawbone and neck.

The Product:

Styling balm of course to give some separation, hold and a little shine in this hair cut and to smooth the beard. 


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