Skin Fade with Pompadour and Beard Trim

—Emily Wylie

Michael is at Cut and Grind. Stylist Sam Hill is going to give him a nice skin fade on the side with a pompadour. For the beard we will square it off nice and clean.

Same but different

Sam does the skin fade a bit different by working the top of the fade first, then creating the zero framework and finally blending the lines using several gradual blade guards.

For the beard Sam pulls back the hair to the jaw line and trims for a squared off frame and then takes some weight out of the cheek area. A very slight trim on the length to even out the growth.


Finally some styling product to fully realize this awesome pompadour. A dry powder texturizer like the L'OREAL Super Dust and the Beardbrand Styling Balm are all you need to complete this  look.