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Slicked Back Scissors Only Haircut

Simon is at Gentleman & Rogue's Club to get his haircut and beard trimmed by Charlie. He wants to keep the slicked back look, and take care of the neck and behind the ears. He wants to cut down with the thickness. Charlie will take care of that for him and keep the fringe long so Simon can keep slicking it back. For the beard he'll sharpen up the neckline and get rid of the stubble, as well as scissor cut it since Simon has reached his desired length.

Charlie wets his hair and combs it all down. He cuts a square line at the bottom to start out with so he knows where to cut with his detailers later. Moving up the neck, he works side to side with a scissor over comb until he reaches the occipital bone. He combs all the hair down again and trims all the longer hairs that stick out. This creates another line for him to follow with the detailers later.

Above the occipital bone, Charlie continues to cut with scissors over a comb, follwing the line up but angles his fingers so the hairs get longer as he works. On the side, he picks up at the baseline and follows the line between the different hair lengths. All the fun with scissor cutting longer is the baseline. As long as you follow that line, you can pick up any bit of hair and tell where you are in the progress of the cut. Charlie connects the back and sides with the top by finding the baseline and following it to the top.

They blowdry Simon's hair and get it ready to take out some of the bulk. To get rid of those problem areas, Charlie just takes some thining scissors and a comb over them. He gets the detailers and cleans up the baselines he made previously, getting rid of any little hairs left. Then Charlie styles Simon's hair for him and they move on to the beard.

He is gonna start on the edges, then move onto the cheeks and the neckline, and finish with the fly aways that are bothering him. Charlie takes the detailers to where the beard was previously cut and creates a sharp edge. He follows the line back down near the ear. For the neckline, it can be a bit hard to judge, but it is either in line with or just above the Adam's apple. They comb the stache down, and cut it to where you can just see the upper lip. He goes back over the cheeks and neck with the foils just to get rid of the stubble left behind by the detailers.

For the length of the beard, you always want to cut it how you normally wear it. Charlie combs it slightly to keep it neat, then starts to trim. Simon is happy with the chin hair; it's the just the sides that bother him. He protects the ear, and does some trimming just above the face and follows the natural curve. The cheeks are sharpened up with a straight razor. To finish it up, and give the beard some shape, Charlie adds some Styling Balm to give some control to the beard and hair.





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