A Slicked Back Skin Fade Transformation Haircut

George is at Gentleman and Rogues Club with Mahesh to get a slicked back skin fade. He only wants a little but off the top since it's getting a bit long. The foils are a bit too much here, so they're both fine with bare clippers. For the beard, it's just a tidy up procedure. Mahesh goes in with a closed clipper right above the ear at an angle and follows the hairline above the temple. He leaves a bit of a gap so he has room to create the actual fade bit. Mahesh also cuts the sideburns at an angle so he can taper it later.

Next, he comes in with a 1.5 (or a open 1 guard) and makes sure to still see where he's cutting. He flicks out at the line he previously created, which pushes it up slightly but begins the fade. Then, to get some of the weight out, Mahesh takes a clipper over comb so they can work toward a softer blend. He does this all the way around the head and takes the weight out where George needs it most. He takes an open guard and lifts of the weight line by flicking away at it.

He uses detailers to sharper up the lines around the edges. Though, he makes sure not to go into the hairline so it will last longer. Scissor over comb is the next step, and they work on blending the top with the sides. He cuts the top at an angle so the longest bits are at the front and smallest in the back. Mahesh combs it all down in front of George's face to make sure it is even all the way around. It's a formality to ensure the cut's shape is still maintained and there are no stray bits. They take off some of the weight from the tips using texturizing scissors.

Mahesh combs the beard to where is all lays flat. They'll keep the length on the mustache, but just tidy up the lip. The basic trim is just gonna take away all the stragglers. Mahesh stands face-on to George and freehands the trim. He arches his hand around so he can keep the shape right. With the under section, he's gonna keep a lot of it. This is so it gets pushed forward and looking much thicker than it actually is.

When drying, Mahesh goes in at the sides first and works his way to the middle. By drying the sides first it supports the shape of the style. Foils for the back of the neck to clean it all up. Then Mahesh works some Temple Smoke Beard Oil into George's beard. Then he's on his way home with a fresh cut!





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