Slicking Your Hair Back When You Have a Tapered Haircut

We're back at The Grand in Austin and brought one of our newest employees, Felipe, with us to get his hair cut by Gabriel. Felipe would say he wants to keep it the same style but doesn't really have a style at the moment. Instead, he says to take a lot of volume out of it, take it down to about a finger length to let it breathe, and a little tighter on the sides to a barely combable length. They don't want to give him a skin fade, but they are gonna have to use clippers just for a little bit. For the most part, it'll be shear over comb or razor over comb. Either way, Felipe put all his trust in Gabriel.

He said he paid $50 for his last cut, and all Gabriel had to say about that was, "Oh my god." He's a man of few words, so you know he's truly shocked. That's more like New York prices. Austin is much more economical. Felipe even had to make adjustments when he got home. He wants to reduce the bulk and make it combable and clean like they talked about, so he's gonna smooth it all out with a razor then give it a nice, natural taper.

He wants to smooth it out, even more, cause the back is still bunching up at the corner. There won't be any white walls, but he does want to take it in much sorter around the ears. This will make the cut flow much better.

For his beard, they just want to touch up the edges. At this length, it's just important to make sure it all lines up. So he creates a guide from jawbone to jawbone. This also makes it easier for him to shave it later at home. It makes his beard look much more intentional. After knocking off the bulk, Gabriel goes back in to sharpen up all the areas they just went through. He whips out a razor, sharpens it, then he's ready to go.

He dampens Felipe's hair so it's easier to move it and shape it. The comb goes against the grain around the sides. Then he works from bottom to top with the razor over comb, then goes over it again in reverse. You gotta have a really sharp razor to use this technique. Personally, Gabriel uses a feather razor. If you use a traditional razor, you have to stop every five minutes or so to sharpen it again.

Instead of combing straight back on top, Gabriel recommends combing directionally toward the back from every angle. Every piece of hair should be headed toward the back, but always keep in mind the direction of your hair growth.




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Eric Bandholz, Founder