Social Media As a Tool

—Urban Beardsman

Today is all about social media and how to utilize these platforms to improve your own personal brand. Clayton talks about Dane Cook being one of the earliest entertainers to capitalize on the power of social media by building his MySpace following (remember MySpace?) and blowing up to mega-stardom.

The key is to narrow down your focus and the direction of your brand, and find a cohesive strategy to present yourself to the world. To illustrate how this concept works, Eric strategizes with Clayton to come up with ways Clayton can leverage his social media presence to build his stand-up comedy career. The guys discuss the differences between various platforms from Facebook and Instagram to Vine and Snapchat, and Clayton talks about comedian Louis CK’s recent release “Horace and Pete” and how he has utilized the digital culture and social media platforms to maintain control over his craft and give content directly to his fans.

Eric suggests generating content geared toward your passion – posting about your passions ensures that you will be interested in continually putting out content that you care about and believe in.

Check out today’s episode to learn more about how to leverage your social media pages to expand your brand and help you grow your passion.


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