Sorry Mom Tattoo After Care Kit

—Urban Beardsman

Getting inked is only half the battle – then comes the aftercare.


“I’ve got loads of tattoos and am always getting more tattoos, and I think everyone needs a good product to use to care for your tattoos,” says collection curator Carlos Costa.


“I got to try the product and became friends with the people who created the products. I know it works for me, and it will work for everyone else.”

Taking good care of your new tattoo is the difference between giving it a long, robust, colorful life, and seeing it fade and wither long before its time.

Keep it looking good with this high-quality drawstring bag full of Sorry Mom’s tattoo balm and tattoo lotion – all guaranteed to keep your fresh ink looking sharp and protected from drying out.

Not only do you get protective and moisturizing lotion, you get specially designed sunscreen to protect your ink from the damage that overexposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause.

To get your Sorry Mom tattoo after care kit, visit the store now!

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