Spring is the Best Time to Grow Your First Beard

—Urban Beardsman

Spring is the perfect season. It signals the end of the winter cold, precedes the three month sweat-fest that is summer, and although fall is a close second, everyone is excited to celebrate spring’s arrival while the turn of fall is simply a reminder that winter is coming. Similarly, spring is the perfect time to grow your first beard.

These two things might not seem interrelated, a man’s decision to not shave and the Earth’s completion of another winter, but believe or not, there’s more to it than you might think. Although we support new beardsmen in starting their bearded journeys at any point, regardless of season, spring does offer a number of benefits that other seasons simply can’t match.

1. Embrace Nature

As spring begins to take root, the world around you will start to change. Gone will be the brown slush that’s claimed squatting rights on your neighborhood’s streets for the past four months. Similarly, gone are the grey skies and harsh winds that beat your face into submission. Instead you’ll witness new plant life emerging from the ground and birds returning to their roosts after long holidays down south.

As you see the world around you coming out of it’s thaw and witness as nature starts to shake off the chill it became unfortunately accustomed to, use these yearly phenomena as inspiration to let your face do as it does naturally and let the man mane flow. There’s no better way to celebrate spring’s arrival than by letting your face go through its own natural rhythms undisturbed, just like the rest of the world around you.

2. Do It Before Summer

There’s no wrong time to grow a beard, but if there were a time of year when we might suggest you not making your first attempt at growing a beard, it would probably be summer. For an experienced beardsman, having a beard in the summer is no different than having one at any other time, but for a rookie, the combination of a hairier face with sweat, heat, and added itch can be too much to handle and can leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally.

Spring, on the other hand, offers a more temperate environment to experiment with growing your first beard without any of the heat-induced consequences that one might face a few months down the road. Additionally, if you decide to keep your beard after spring draws to a close, you’ll be more adjusted to the feeling of having a beard and what comes with it when you start pulling out your tank tops and flip-flops from the back of the closet. Start now before the weather decides for you. We promise, you’ll thank us.


3. Everyone Likes A Playoff Beard

In recent years more and more professional athletes have started rocking beards once the playoffs come around (beards win championships it turns out), but the original sport to encourage playoff beards also happens to be the one with the most players experiencing routine damage to their faces. The NHL playoffs have become the most bearded sporting event of the year. Hockey players of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and beard growing abilities, ranging from the strongest of showings to others simply making-do with what they have at their disposals, letting their inner beardsmen shine for all the world to see.

A tradition started by the New York Islanders in the early 1980's, the playoff beard has become an official symbol of team unity for hockey players and fans alike. Regardless of your interest in hockey, the spring is the perfect time to be inspired by the largest contingent of bearded athletes that you’ll see on TV all year. Rather than buying a hockey jersey, simply show your support by not shaving your face. If there’s a better way to celebrate professional sports, we haven’t heard it yet.

4. There’s No Time Like the Present

Beardsmen are many things: independent, driven, and hard working, but most importantly we’re men of action. Regardless of the issue, we believe that it’s best to handle your business sooner rather than later and for all of you rookie beardsmen out there that includes taking the first step towards a happier you and beginning your bearded journeys now.

You might want a parade or marching band to celebrate your face going all natural, but rather than wait for that hypothetical over-the-top celebration, it’s best to simply begin the journey today vs. tomorrow. Soon friends will notice you looking scruffy, followed by them asking for an explanation of your newfound self, until eventually they’ll see you as the new you, the best you, the you that you were always meant to be. Take that first step and enjoy the experience. Oh, and welcome to the beardsman life.

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