Bushy Beard Gets New Life with Square Trim

—Josh Lawson

Today we have Jan coming into Cut & Grind Barbershop and Davide Spreafico for a square beard trim. Jan studies biometric engineering at Kings College London. He wants to take roughly an inch off, square the ends, and straighten his edges. Davide explains how he will trim Young's beard so it maintains its shape.

The trim starts by cleaning up the sideburns and creating a seamless down to the beard. Davide then shapes the beard around the ear and down the side of the neck. He moves on to trim near the cheekbones but leaves a bit of the growth line to accentuate the shape of the beard. He follows the shape of the beard with an edge trimmer to get rid of any fly away hairs.

Next, Davide shaves the stubble to the base of the beard to square off the hairline on his neck. He uses a comb to straighten the hair in the beard and give it an even trim to maintain the square shape that Jan wanted. He then goes back over with a trimmer to once again remove any fly aways.

The initial result of the beard trim was too long, but the shape was exactly what Jan wanted. After explaining to Davide he wanted it a tad shorter, he laid him back down and got to work. He uses the comb again to maintain the square shape of the beard as he further trims, then clears up the stubble and stray hairs once again using beard scissors.

Lastly, Davide uses Old Money Utility Balm to moisturize Jan's beard and give it a clean and fresh look. It may be a quick video, the before and after comparison is amazing. That's the difference a good trim can make.

It's always easier to watch the video thank to visualize it from the description. So take the 7 minutes out of your day to watch how it's done.

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