Statement Shades to Step Up Your Style Game

It’s always the piece you wear the most that you don’t feel the need to replace. It happens to me a lot with jeans. I’ve got a few good pairs and feel like I never need to shop around for new ones. Similarly, sunglasses are something that guys wear on a daily basis (aside from those few overcast days) and yet most guys only have a pair or two. No one thinks to create a collection of eyewear because if you’ve got one you’ve got enough. But for something you wear so often, shouldn’t you have options to choose from? The answer is yes, yes you should. Any stylish man should have a well-stocked arsenal of accessories to pull from. Just make sure that each piece serves a specific purpose. Here are some recommendations on what to pick up if you’re looking to stock up on shades.


Classically Cool

The adage that everything in fashion always comes back around is most definitely true. For a while now vintage-inspired fashion has dominated trending charts and must-have lists. Same goes for your sunnies. Classics like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer (above) are everywhere, and for good reason. They look darn good on almost everyone. But if you want a classic with a modern edge try these Persols. They have a classic silhouette but with a modern color palette.


Bold in Black

I have a style confession to make. I only recently started wearing black. Up until five or six years ago I didn’t own anything black except for maybe a pair of sneakers. I never wore it. I felt like black was dramatic and made a statement. And to a certain extent I suppose it does. Black can be jarring and bold but what’s wrong with that? Your style should make a statement. This pair of sunglasses from RetroSuperFuture (above) at first glance look so simple, but when you look closer at them their structural frame and matte black finish are actually an amazing work of art.


A New Take On Tortoise

For some, wearing black frames can be too bold of a choice, and clearly I get that. A great option for anyone wanting to shy away from the boldness of black is to go with a tortoise. It looks good on everyone and has a timeless feel. This pair from Pacifico Optical (above) has a classic tortoise acetate frame but with these crazy cool blue mirrored lenses that give them a definite edge on the competition. They perfectly balance classic and cool. And that’s a hefty responsibility.


True Transparency

For the guy who’s got room in their frames collection for something a little outside of the box, a pair of sunglasses with transparent frames is perfect. They both draw attention and are inconspicuous. Get it? Because they’re clear… Anyways, this pair from Saturdays is a pair you definitely need to consider picking up. Anyone can rock a pair of black sunglasses, but clear ones? That takes a man who is truly stylish.

Summer is not over guys, there is still plenty of sun to be had. Besides, you need sunglasses year round and it’s time to step up your game and get on some of these statement sunglasses. Next time you find yourself shielding your eyes from the sun’s rays, hopefully you’ll be reaching for a pair of sunglasses as stylish as these.

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Eric Bandholz, Founder