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Step by Step Walkthrough for Getting a Square Beard Trim

Today we're going for a nice beard trim. He just wants to trim it up and make it look not so much like a rat's nest, with Ben as his barber. First, they are cut out a bit of the front to establish the thickness and shape of the beard. Ben's standing in front and free handing the trimmers to establish the shape. The goes for the cheek line and side burns, moving top down for the cheek lines, and bottom up for the side burns.

To tidy it up more, he follows the natural shape of the beard against the face and just gives it some nice sharp lines. He doesn't want really any hair off. He just wants it tidy again. So that's what Ben does. He's already combed it out, so all he needs to do is eyeball what needs to be trimmed up. He keeps the natural shape of it and freehands his way through the beard. Usually, he gets his beard trimmed once a month, but it's been a bit longer this time. he's getting it trimmed for an upcoming wedding.

For the mustache, Ben switches to scissors because it gives a softer finish. He also doesn't want to irritate the lips. Then comes the scissors over comb to get rid of the uneven hairs. He takes the scissors along the sides of the beard as well to give him some soft lines. To finish up, Ben takes detailers to the neck line to get rid of the neck beard that was starting to establish itself.





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