Stop Destroying Your Beard!

—Urban Beardsman

We all have nervous ticks and for those of us lucky enough to grow proud, lush beards, our ticks most likely center around our man manes. When it comes to keeping your beard looking and feeling its best, the worst thing a guy can do, according to Beardbrand founder Eric Bandholz, is physically touching your beard.

Sure, there’s no way you’re going to simply stop touching it at all. Hell, half the fun of having a beard is stroking it while deep in thought. However, Eric suggests keeping it to a minimum. Touching of course leads to identifying problem areas within your beard and eventual picking. Falling victim to this occasionally is definitely expected, but if you become too focused on it you’ll end up with patches in your beard, which is a look that doesn’t suit anyone. Additionally, guys new to having longer facial hair will find themselves chewing on their mustaches in public without realizing it. Take a second and envision that. Yep, now never do it again.

Instead, find a pocket comb to keep with you rather than using your hands to caress your face. Also, find a stress ball or some other kind of token to satisfy your need to fiddle. On a deeper level, we suggest keeping the beard washing to a minimum and remember, your beard is just as affected by your physical health as any other part of your body. The healthier you are, the healthier your beard will be.

For any other questions regarding beard health, tweet us at @bandholz.

Beard on everyone.

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