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How to Style a Fade When you Don't Know Where to Start

We're back to the grind. The Cut & Grind that is! Cameron is in the shop today to get his hair cut by Sam. They want to do a 1.5, make it tight near the top of the sides, and some texture on top. Sam is gonna cut the top first so they can see where the rest of the hair wants to sit. They'll taper the back of the neck and sharpen up the sideburns and then they're done.

Off the top, Cameron doesn't want much. He really just wants to tidy it up. To start, Sam wets the hair and combs the hair over so they don't loose much length. If they wanted to go shorter, he would comb up. You want to get more weight around the part, but you have to continue to push it forward. Near the back, he focuses on making sure the hair doesn't just poke out. As long as the tension is the same throughout the haircut, then you're good to go in terms of making it even.

Near the crown, he combs under to get rid of some of the length. Then he lets it sit at angle so he can see how long the hairs around it need to be. Sam sections the hair down the middle and trims the ends that extend beyond his fingers. He makes sure the fringe has the longest pieces of hair. Cameron wears his hair in all directions, so Sam is making sure to cut a style that he can just walk out of bed with.

After drying the hair, he cross checks the back sections to make sure it is all even. If the hair was longer, this is better done when it the hair is wet. Since the hair isn't super thick, he wants to add some texture. To do this he creates little channels with the thinning scissors.

The good thing about cutting first is that you can already see where the clippers need to stop. So Same uses the 3 clippers all the way around to follow the shape he made with the scissors. You can see it fade in seamlessly straight away. Then he moves onto the 1.5 that Cameron wanted and follows the shape once again. He does a small fade near where the beard meets the hair because there is a small gap between the two. The fade takes attention away from the gap by making them thing you did it on purpose.

He uses detailers around the ears to shape up that area and double checks his work. The back just need a little more of a fade, so Sam works his way through with a 2 and a 2.5 so it looks like it belongs with the rest of the cut. Then he tapers off the back of the neck using a 0 and working through the lever changes (0-0.5). He softens up the edges again by going over them with a comb and a pair of scissors.

To style it in the end, they use a bit of clay to give it a matte finish with his new textured haircut!





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