Styling Options For an Undercut

—Josh Lawson

Greg Berzinsky is back to show you how to style a bald fade undercut. Typically he gets roughly the same style or cut throughout the year; super short and tight on the sides, with a longer quiff or pompadour on top. His hair is shortest around July 4th, he grows it through the winter, then short again for Easter. Pretty simple stuff.

Out of the blue, he got his haircut this weekend. At the time of cut (not filming or posting), it was a bald fade undercut. He's gotten the undercut previously, and he enjoys it for the ease of using the side part. One thing he doesn't like is that you can't really let it go natural. It's not something to wear out of the shower, so you will have to use some products. You'll need a blow dryer, round brush, and the products of your choice.

Before we get started, you'll need to use some Sea Salt Spray on your hair. Then use a round brush to get it vaguely in the style you want. If all goes correctly, you should be able to see somewhat how the style will turn out. Plus it's super easy to do. The part is naturally struck just by the nature of the cut. Only one side has the part, the other side is blended with the top.

With product in your hair, you can get lift in the front by using a round brush and blow dryer to push it up and hold it there. This style really highlights the part in your hair, just make sure to use the cold setting on your blow dryer, or hold it a little further away, so you don't fry your hair. Using just this, your hair will get a bunch of volume an texture, but it won't stay there. So you'll have to use some Stylin Balm to give it a little hold.

Greg prefers our Tea Tree fragrance, so he grabs a bit and rubs it through his hands. He wants the most control around the part, so that's where he applies the balm first. Then focuses on the front. It's easy to do an implied part due to the nature of the cut. You really only have to deal with the top. The only thing with this hair you have to worry about is maintaining the sides.

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