Summer Essentials for The Beardsman

—Parker Mallouf
Summer Essentials for The Beardsman

As the days are getting warmer, hair and beard styles are getting shorter. People everywhere are packing up their Winter coats and jeans, and pulling out the t-shirts and shorts. 

Whether you're a fan of hot weathered months or not, you're going to need to change up the style to stay cool during the Summer. Both literally and figuratively that is. 

The sun has no mercy during those 100+ degree days (especially down here in Austin). Men everywhere are headed to the barbers to chop the mane in preparation for those long sunny days. 

Hair and Beard

If you're one of those guys who decided to let it grow and flow over the Winter, but you've chosen to clean it up upstairs, you're going to need some products to get that new hairdo in tip top shape. 

Word is out, volume is in. Don't settle for a flat hair style. Beardbrand's Styling Balm is the most versatile balm on the market. Great for both your beard and hair, this product will lock your style into place without weighing it down. Offered in all three of our signature silver line fragrances, the Styling Balm will help you look your best and smell totally awesome all at the same time. 

Free of parabens, sulfates, silicones or dyes the styling balm won't leave any unwanted residue build up at the end of the day. The medium light hold is just strong enough to get the look you're going for without looking like you applied Elmer's Glue on your head. 

Beardbrand's Styling Balm also does a great job of holding your beard down during your daily activities. Less is more when using the styling balm. Just a dime sized amount will give your beard just enough hold throughout the day. 

Next on the list of must haves is of course the Beardbrand Sea Salt Spray. Ever been to the beach, and noticed how awesome your hair looked after letting it dry from being in the water? Well now you can have that look at the tips of your fingers! 

The Sea Salt Spry is Infused with kaolinite clay to mimic the grit of beach sand. Imagine the luscious waves and unequivocal volume you get from salt water, then adds a touch of extra texture and hold. Like sand in the ocean, the kaolinite clay will separate and settle at the bottom of the bottle. To apply it, give it a shake and spray generously on mid-lengths and ends of your damp hair. Then style and air or blow dry for natural looking tousled, right off the beach look.

This product works on all hair types of any length. It's also great for women's hair too! Sea Salt Spray and Styling Balm are often used interchangeably. The two products together can give you a textured, high volume hairstyle that looks good regardless of the occasion.


Suns out guns out am I right? With warm weather comes less clothing. It is important to remember to properly take care of your skin when exposed to harsh UV rays of the sun.

Liz Thompson of OrganicAuthority states "Mineral sunscreens, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, are more popular than ever. And for good reason. These minerals create a physical barrier on the skin, blocking both UVA rays (those that cause wrinkles and skin cancer) and UVB rays (those responsible for sunburn). Mineral sunscreens are effective the moment they are applied, unlike chemical sunscreens which require approximately 30 minutes to become effective after application". 

Kiehl's mineral sunscreen is nothing short of fantastic. Fragrance free and packed with vitamin E, this sunscreen is great for everyone. The lotion is non greasy, and water resistant. Don't let the sun slow you down from getting outside this summer. Be smart and protect your skin. 

If you're not planning on being in the sun, but you're looking for a heavy duty skin moisturizer, look no further. Beardbrand Utility Balm does absolute wonders for even the driest skin. 

The utility balm is long lasting moisturizer with a base ingredient of shea butter, which is rich in vitamins and renowned for its anti-aging properties. It also consists of cocoa butter which contains a number of anti-oxidants and is known to improve skin health and elasticity.

Another great use of the Utility Balm is making older tattoos pop with vibrancy. When applied over your tattoos, the balm leaves a paper thin layer of moisture over the tattooed area. This brings out the color in the tattoos, and makes them look brand new again. 

The last essential for the summer beardsman is utterly important. The warm weather causes us to sweat. and being sweaty in certain situations is just unacceptable. This is why having a healthy, all natural deodorant is absolutely necessary. 

As many of you already know, they have published literature about over the counter deodorants, and the harmful ingredients in many of the main stream brands.

Kyle Gardner of Prim and Prep has brought to our attention that "most deodorants contain a variety of harsh chemical ingredients that could be seriously harming our bodies. Quite a few of the common ingredients found in most deodorants are known carcinogens (i.e. cancer causing agents), while numerous others have been linked to a variety of other health problems." 

Unfortunately Beardbrand deodorant has not hit the shelves yet (but it's in the works). Until then, Maximum Protection deodorant by Herban Cowboy is an effective, cost efficient option for natural deodorants. Free of any dangerous carcinogens like aluminum or propylene glycol, this deodorant will keep you dry comfortable for the entire day. 

Remember to take care of your hair and skin the Summer season. Keep your style in check and your skin protected. Until next time, Keep On Growing. 

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