How to Take Care of Your Beard After a Few Weeks

—Josh Lawson

George Bruno is gracing your screens again to talk about what to do during the few weeks of growth you get during No Shave November. We encourage you to keep growing passed this month, but that's neither here nor there. If you've been growing your beard since the beginning of November, then right around now is when your beard will start to lay down and become less prickly.

It is at this point you may see strange growth patterns, like patches, swirls, or cowlicks. But just keep growing for the month. Don't trim your beard. Let it be free for now. During this time, you want to stimulate the follicles. You can do this with a boars hair bristle brush or a rubber tipped brush with long bristles. You're not gonna want to rake or brush it, but rather just do little small circles. Getting in the habit of this will bring more oxygen to your follicles and encourage growth.

You can also use beard oil. This will lube up your skin so that when you're brushing and combing it will glide. The oil will soften your beard. Right out of the shower is the best time to apply since your pores will be more willing to absorb the products you usually apply.

You don't want to trim the beard. Just see where it goes and the direction it grows in. If it isn't going in the direction you want, start brushing and combing it in the direction you'd prefer. The boar's hair bristle brush can also help you spread the Beard Oil around.

In the end, everything will fill in. Just give it some time.

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