How to Tame Your Beard in Under 5 Minutes - Weekly Update

Jack’s back for his 21st yeard update, and this week he’s teaching us how he straightens his wild, curly mane. Just last week, Jack got his beard cleaned up for the first time by Master Barber Mahesh. One of the most valuable things Jack learned from the experience was how to take his wild mane and calm it down to a uniform, dapper, and epic spectacle.

First things first - your beard should be damp when you attempt to style it. When your beard is damp, it helps absorb product. We’re going to use a blow dryer, so apply a few drops of our Beard Oil or a finger's worth of Utility Balm evenly through your beard. You don’t have to use a product in your beard every time you blow dry it, but if this is a practice you embrace with regularity, it that will prevent further damage.

When you're ready to style, set the blow dryer on “High / Hot” and comb your beard into the general shape you want. Remember: You want to follow the comb through your beard with the hairdryer in order to minimize unnecessary damage throughout the beard. Comb gently but deliberately in order to prevent snags and breaks.

Once you blow dry it on warm or hot, hit it with a bit of air from the “Cold” setting to help lock the hair in place. For more info on the science of hot and cold when it comes to your hair, check out this article we put together.

If the comb isn’t working too well for you, try out a round brush instead. It has a lot more styling power than a comb and can give you more options when learning how to style.

Pro Tip: If you’ve got a long day ahead and know your beard tends to go haywire, finish off with a touch of styling balm for a stronger hold on your freshly groomed beard.

Comment of the Week

“Wait… why are you gonna stop trimming the cheeks? You want hair up to your eyeballs?”

Jack mentioned that he’s giving up on cutting sharp edges in the cheek lines last week. The look made sense when his beard was shorter, but now that he’s going for a longer, natural look, he decided to give his cheek and neck lines a natural appearance too.


 Here are the other awesome videos we've posted this week - check them out for beard grooming and styling tips, as well as some awesome barbershop videos.

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Dave, with Gentleman & Rogues Club, gives Dan a blended skin fade and pompadour.

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Sam, with Cut & Grind, gives a full haircut and beard transformation to a man who’s let his hair grow to an incredible length.

Haircut and Beard Clean-Up with Mahesh for CxBB 

Master Barber Mahesh gives one of our All-Access Pass Holders (Hi, Chewy!) I clean-up to polish his already dapper look. Shout out to League of Rebels for letting us use your space!

 Harry Potter Haircut with Mahesh

Mahesh gives Josh, our Social Media Coordinator, a dapper cut while still maintaining the integrity of its length. Also - He looks like a postmodern Harry Potter.

The Story of Gold Line with Eric 

Eric shares the story of how the Gold Line fragrances came to be - drawing inspiration from ancient ceremonies and decadent estate parties alike! Read the full write-up here.

A Beard Trim with Purpose with Mahesh for CxBB 

Mahesh gives Brian a beard trim to prepare for the big event! Thank you again to
League of Rebels for hosting this collaboration!








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