Taming Your Wild Beard into an Awesome Masterpiece

—Josh Lawson

Aaron is at Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his hair cut and beard trimmed by Josh! It's his first time in the shop, but he's heard nothing but good things and positive reviews so he's excited to get started! With the hair, they want a 1 on the sides, then taper it up, and brush it across. Not too much off the top, but thin it out. For the beard, they just want to sculpt it in.

For the top, the section it like a side part, then take the 1 guard clippers and creating the baseline as he moves along. He moves to a 0 at the bottom of the neck just to get the little hairs down there. Then, with a 2, he flicks at the baseline he made earlier with the 1. They're gonna leave a little more length on the corner since Aaron is trying to grow it out. He has straight hair, so you can really see how the hair has reacted to the previous cut. Josh leaves a bit more weight on it, so it can continue to grow and hide the previous cuts. He finishes with detailers around the back of the ears just to clean up his lines.

Then Josh takes his scissors over a comb to blend in the corners. He goes up with the comb as he cuts, but then gently combs it down to see how it'll sit naturally. They don't want to feather the corners too much, as Aaron is still trying to grow out his hair, but they do want to keep a weight line. Josh sections out the back of the hair, the crown, and takes the edges off. He drys the hair in the direction he wants to grow it, which trains the hair and gives it some volume. Aaron doesn't usually add products, but what the heck he went for Styling Balm today!

On to the beard! Josh combs Aaron's beard to straighten all the wispy bits. Let want to take off about two fingers worth on the bottom. For the shape of the beard, Josh freehands the sides in a little. Just grazing over the flyaways. He's super careful when flicking through as they don't want to sacrifice any length they don't need to. The do round the corners since he wants to go with a more natural looking beard. There ends up being a few more wisps, so Josh takes the length up by another finger.

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