A Tapered haircut for Colder Weather

Adam is getting his hair cut and beard trimmed by Mahesh at Gentleman & Rogues Club in today's video! They are going to go in with a 1 on the sides, blend it up, thin the bulk on top and leave him with enough to style up and work with. For the beard, they are gonna fade it with a 1 and work his way down and keep the length through the front as that is the part of a beard that creates a shape. Mahesh just wants it to look nice and sexy.

Mahesh starts with the 1 guard and goes straight in just below the temple. He cuts at an angle to account for the direction the beard will grow in. Then works his way around the head, dipping down around the occipital bone. He doesn't go too high with that guard since they want to have a slightly lower taper instead of a harsh fade. We change our clothes for the season, so there's no reason we shouldn't change our hairstyle as well. Next up is the 0.5 guard and they are blending in the weight line.

After damping down the hair, the crown is sectioned off and the two shortest points are connected. To add texture to the top by cutting in a sweeping motion. They left some of the length near the front, they gave it some texture and blended the sides. They texturize the top even more then switch gears to tackle the beard.

He combs the beard back, and the hairs that stay over the line near the ear, get trimmed back. The neckline is trimmed up to where it should naturally be. Mahesh goes back over all the lines to make sure they are sharpened up, but still, have a natural look to them. He's especially careful around the front of Adam's beard since he is working to grow it out. They clean the neck up with foils to give it a professional appearance. To send him off feeling before leaving the shop, they hit him with some of that Temple Smoke.





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