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Getting a Textured Fade After Growing Your Hair Out

Aaron is in Gentleman & Rogues Club to get his hair cut by Josh. He just wants to tidy it up with a 2 on the sides and a bit off the top. Josh starts by sectioning out the top since it begins to look like a mushroom when it grows out. Josh combs down as he moves the clippers up, moving a little slower than usual so he doesn't clog the clippers. He still flicks out as he moves to help create that baseline.

He moves down to a .5 guard to deal with the back of the neck and around the sides/around the ear. To take a little bit of weight around the head, he uses the clippers at the top and works them down. It only takes a little off, but helps it move much easier throughout the rest of the haircut. They are going for more of a messy style on top, so Josh leaves a bit on the sides. To help take the line out, they do a scissor over comb and follow the natural growth of the hair.

They start sectioning the rest of the cut, and take it a little at a time. Since Aaron wants it a little messy, Josh point cuts it after taking out the length. To take some of the thickness out of the top, Josh runs some thinning scissors across the cut. Then he's fresh and ready to go home.





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