The 5 Beards of Business

—Urban Beardsman

There was a sweet spot in American history for the beard. It was about the mid 1850’s. Big business meant big beards, and all the big names had one. Carnegie and Vanderbilt sported some high-class facial hair. Then along came Mr. Gillette and his damned Safety Razor in 1901, and the shaving trend began.

Unless you’ve been living in some type of remote convent, you’ve probably noticed that the beard has been making a comeback in the boardroom. These corporate beards are proof that they’ve finally arrived, again.

Geek Chic

Sergey Brin – Google Founder

What do you do in your garage? Oh, car stuff? That’s cool. Sergey Brin and his business partner, Larry Page, built a company that’s currently worth about $365 billion. And your “collectible” car? We don’t need to talk about it… But this techie bajillionaire is sporting a beard that proves that just because you may be a nerd, you can still grow some decent facial hair.

Bearded Bailout

Ben Bernanke – Economist/ Chairman of the Federal Reserve 2006-2014

Whether or not you agree with his decisions, there’s no doubt that this economic powerhouse can rock a great grey beard. Politics aside, with a great beard comes great responsibility… and a presidential nomination doesn’t hurt.

Cloud Clout

Marc Benioff – CEO/Founder of

Well, it wasn’t created in a garage, but it was born in a rented apartment in San Francisco. This man set out to change/end software as we know it. A forefather of ‘cloud technology’, you have Marc to thank for not having to carry around floppy disks or flash-drives everywhere you go.

Bearded Beats

Rick Rubin – Co-president of Columbia Records/Record Producer

In 2007, MTV called him “the most important producer of the last 20 years.” He’s worked with just about everyone that you’ve ever heard of… from Johnny Cash to Kanye West, there’s no genre that he hasn’t left his stamp on. But his beard! This is the most beardy-beard to grace the corporate world since, well, ever!

Bearded Businessman

Larry Ellison – Co-founder/CEO of Oracle

This beardsman cracked not just the top 100, top 20, or the top 10 wealthiest Americans. Larry is the 3rd wealthiest person in America, and has been since 2006. He’s also the only one in the top ten to have any facial hair, which is partly why he made our list. He also dabbles in a little bit of everything. From yachting to being a pilot, he legitimately might be the most interesting man in the world.

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