The 6 Types of Beardsmen that Everyone Falls Into

Eric is here to tell us about the 6 different types of beardsman. 

We recently created the ultimate beadsman type quiz. Ten simple questions to find out what type of beardsman you really are. Before we get to the quiz let's find out what type of beardsman you could be. 

The Urban Beardsman

The first type, the one you are probably familiar with, is the Urban Beardsman. This is the type of beardsman that we founded. The type of beardsman that does not fit the stereotypes of other traditional beardsman. More urban in nature, an office worker, likes to travel. Eric has done lots of videos that get into what the Urban Beardsman is so for more info check those out on the Beardbrand YouTube channel. 

The Badass Beardsman

The  badass beardsman grows a beard because it is the manly thing to do. He likes going mudding, shooting guns, life weights, the real manly man. 

The Traveler Beardsman

The traveler beardsman who, you guessed it, likes to travel, likes to explore and see the world. Maybe isn't as concerned with the way he presents himself to the world but instead loves to experience things, interact, learn and be involved in culture.  

The Eclectic Beardsman

The eclectic beardsman has a lot of different interests. Maybe he loves to travel and shoot guns but also lives in the city. This type of beardsman makes his own rules and can't be as easily classified or put into a box.

The Vintage Beardsman

The vintage beardsman was probably born in the wrong era. He yearns for a time of yesteryear. They look to the past for inspiration and maybe fall home to some of the hipster type. This type also houses the maker community who favors building things with their hands. Making things, repurposing things. 

The Outdoorsman Beardsman

Think Grizzy Adams. The outdoorsman beardsman is no doubt an obvious one. These guys grow for function. 

So, now it's time to take the quiz! Let us know what type of beardsman are you!  





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Eric Bandholz, Founder