The Art of Photography

—Urban Beardsman

In today’s episode, Eric and Clayton are talking all things photography! Eric discusses how starting Beardbrand increased his interest in photography, as it was a skill he began to use on a more regular basis with the business. He also explains that with the increased prevalence of photography – as in today’s day and age, anyone with a cell phone is simultaneously carrying around a camera in their pocket – it is important to develop your photography skills. Clayton also points out that social media has given rise to the importance and prevalence of photos, as platforms like Instagram have given users the ability to curate a page of their personal photography.

And always keep in mind that it isn’t just about the hardware you’re using, Eric emphasizes that it has much more to do with framing, lighting, and developing your eye than it does with simply what kind of camera you’re using.

The guys also discuss the differences between digital and film photography, how even hunters are utilizing photography to capture moments in nature, the pursuit of the perfect photograph, and photographers with unique vision for photos that can create beautiful and memorable candid shots.


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